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Recently I needed to add both English and Spanish subtitles to a video to be broadcast on local television. This is how I discovered that there is basically no documentation online on how to do this. …

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Visit and sign up. Be wary of the “Host your podcast on Gaana CDN” option. You may not want it enabled.

If you’re submitting to Gaana, you probably want to submit to JioSaavn too. Here is that link:

I felt compelled to post this because it took me some digging and several emails to find this link. Hopefully, this saved you some time.

If you like my stories and want to support me, check out my podcast Feargenics. A show about horror movies.

Before we get started I want to acknowledge the obvious. Striping drives is not for everyone. Unless you are confident in your local and offsite backup solutions I do not recommend playing with your data in this way.

This is an examination of the built in Windows 10 striping solutions…

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